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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Dennis Williams, a homeless friend, used and abused by a bad church!

A decent guy in my opinion and a guy possibly set up for a crime he did not commit was most likely used and abused by our former church, and then sent back to prison by the very same people that used him as a pawn in their evil schemes.

I first met Dennis during a cold early March drive to a food bank in New Albany, Graceland Baptist.
He was wearing a heavy coat, very quite and reserved as many homeless people I have met are and was a man kind of quiet and to himself.

As I later became more involved in church activities, and volunteer work, I got to meet and see Dennis more and more.

He wasn't a bad guy in my mind, just a guy who had made a ton of bad choices and no one really gave him a chance to get back on his feet.

 He lived under a bridge by the #4 Clarksville exit of I65 and never really came around people other than hanging out at McDonald's, helping with church tasks going to Exit O stops for food or hanging around with me when I'd run places.

His biggest problem is the fact I think he tried to be a people please and please everyone. He was the atypical homeless guy, afraid to tick off those who were helping him, for they might cut him off or not help him get to the things he needed.

 I guess he did a hard, long job search and people would use his criminal status against him. He would tell me over and over again about people being rude or abrasive telling him they don't hire his type there.

I guess his therapy group leader at his court ordered therapy would attack and threaten him and he'd hold the line and give it back.

The threat of sending him back to prison did nothing against a guy like Dennis who had been in the rotten system for 10 years. He would say, over an over again, that he'd rather go back than wear the stupid bracelet and deal with the constant harassment that comes along with it.

After I had came out of the hospital, I had heard that Dennis was now in prison, to serve out the remainder of his term.

I don't know 100% for sure, but I bet this is how his screw job unfolded.
They (Blair Birge or others involved) offered him help with staying out, maybe a guarantee and food, something of value or money in turn for his false testimonies.
He took there deal as he is a homeless guy with nothing often and it sounded like a win, win.

He was an active participant in the 3-4 deliberate false DCS complaints, backing up their already made up and evil lies, meant to hurt me and my family.

When they thought they had delivered the death blow and our world was going to end, so sad it didn't, they sent him packing to prison.
Who is going to believe the tales of a guy in prison trying to tell people how a supposedly great church put a loving family through Hell on purpose for speaking out?

I don't fault Dennis in all of this.
I fault Blair Birge
, any pastors or elders at the Southeast Indiana Campus,
a satellite church of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, who had a hand in this evil scheme.

( , they worship Neo-conservative Republican Jesus there.)

I liken their motivations and lack of Christian values to the actions of the Pharisee's, scholars/ elders and Sudacee's who tried time and time again to lure Jesus into a trap with false witness and lies.

God knows my heart, the father of the victims family, the heart of my wife and our desire and willingness to serve and walk with the Lord.
We aren't going to stop being disciples or helping others because of the works of evil men, no, just the opposite, we are going to pick it up another notch.

We are going to warn the masses though about the hidden dangers of huge mega churches and what certain Hell does ensue if you do the right thing and speak out.

Nightmare As a Member of Southeast Christian Indiana Campus and Psycho, Blair Birge!

This will be the first part of a multi-post series about the nightmare myself and my family experienced as new members of the Southeast Christian Church family.

The man on the right is Blair Birge, a crazy, holier than though maintenance man at the Southeast Christian Indiana campus. A man I once thought was a friend, fellow believer in the Lord and a mentor of sorts.

Later, I would find out he was two faced as a quarter, had the honest of Judas from the Bible and not an once of integrity at all.

I will also go into great details about 3 false DCS complaints this man and others filed in southern Indiana and the Louisville area.

How him and others put myself, my wife, our kids, one of them severely autistic through pure Hell just because they can..

I, this blogs author had to go to Wellstone, a regional hospital twice for stress because of the drama these "churchy"men caused.
Blair also had my wife thinking I didn't want to be with her or my kids anymore and he sent some bizarre texts I will post here later.
He also threatened to throw away all of my kids toys, documents and clothing that was being stored at the church and made my wife beg to keep them till she could come get them.
What a sick, deranged son of a bitch in my mind.
This dude needs Jesus and a 72 hour hold, wow.

Because I was in Wellstone, I lost our car and all I have to show for a $14500 loan is a set of keys and a ignition piece.

To top it off, my wife an kids were forced to stay in the Wayside Mission, a DT Louisville shelter where they were harassed, threatened, abused and discriminated against 24/7.
Basically, if you are not black or in someones clique, you are treated like shit all of the time.
The place had serious roach, bed bugs, flea and sanitation issues.

Blair, elders and pastors at the church in a highly organized personal attack against me and my family did the following:

1. Took away my ability to go to the Southeast Church Indiana campus with my family, worship and serve there. Myself and my son were active volunteers, on the tithe and communion teams.

2. Knowingly filed 3 false DCS complaints in Indiana and Kentucky. The women from Indiana, Brandi, killed them as quickly as they came in as she knew they had no merit. The woman, Tammy Clink must be either a Southeast Christian Church member or friends with someone at the Indiana campus as there was huge ethics and rules violations by Mrs. Clink. She didn't even have the story right, would not interview me even though she is required to by law and was threatening my wife with baseless bullshit she could not do.
This wasn't our first false DCS complaint, so Clink was way out of her league when she thought she could lean on me or my wife.
BTW, Kentucky is known for one of the most disorganized, incompetent, out of control DCS states in the country.
Tammy Clink was not the brightest light bulb in a pack of four from Walmart.

Isn't purposely filing false CPS complaints a felony? Why yes it is.

3. I lost my car we saved 9 months for and struggled to get. BTW, Jim Butner Auto Lot is a horrible car lot and their finance company, Clarksville Finance company is a bunch of crooks and do yourself a huge favor and do not do business with them. They will treat you like a King to get your money, but if you are a minute late on a payment or go into a hospital inpatient, because the acts of others, our just shit out of luck.
They are corrupt and criminal in my mind.

4. I, the blog author had to be a inpatient at two different hospitals for extremely high blood pressure twice and had to be in Wellstone Regional Hospital for 18 days total because of the mind games and horrible shit these holy men did to my family.

5. My homeless friend I was helping Dennis Williams, was sent back to prison for non-compliance thanks to the severe depression these holy men caused. They used him like an informant, to plant seeds of false witness during the fake DCS complaints, helped him stay out of prison for one extra week and then most likely, put him back in prison.
Hell of a bunch of guys if you ask me.

6. Blair Birge, psycho, would not come to the hospital and give my wife vital documents and our shared cell phone. He then lied to Tammy Clink, Brandi, my wife, her social worker at Wayside Mark and my social worker at Wellstone Allison, saying I lied and would not release them to him.
The only problem is, when he lied to Allison saying I was sending him threatening calls which I wasn't and that I wouldn't release the stuff, his lies and smoke and mirrors game was quickly unraveling.
Now, everyone involved believed Blair was a lying tool and he was just trying to start shit.
Truth, it sucks, but it does come out eventually.

7. Supposedly in the fake DCS complaints, myself and my wife are heavy drug users. We don't do drugs, never have and never will. When we offered willingly to take multiple drug tests, offer testimonials from friends and family and take a lie detector test, this fake shit fell apart quickly.

8. We abuse our kids at church. I guess if you call serving on the Tithe and Communion teams abuse, you really need to re-evaluate your thinking on this.
We have never abused our kids and we love the word of them.
Both myself and my wife suffered child abuse growing up and went through tons of therapy so it ended with us.
Nice try, but another laughable miss.

9. Gross violations of pastoral privilege or the spirit of it.

10. Huge violations of the "Thrive"AA church based addiction based recovery group ran at the Southeast Christian Indiana campus. The rule was simple, what was said in group, stayed in group. Blair Birge and other just feel rules or common decency don'apply to them.

The cool thing is the fact we both have a ton of emails, texts and people who can come forward in depositions if needed to destroy any more fake shit from this bunch.

We are actively weighing our options of civil action against all involved, going very public on the news
 and seeking criminal actions against Blair Birge and others involved.

I'm hoping to draw the interest of 60 minutes or 20/20 an expose the elders and pastors of the #5 mega church in America, Southeast Christian for the frauds they are.
Pastors in a huge church, or its elders are not Gods and cannot do as they please without facing the legal consequences like the rest of us.

We all must face the music....

Saturday, June 21, 2014

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